Countless people use Clear Cleanse Pro every day as an all natural method to gently flush away unwanted toxins from the colon.

Did you know that your colon can contain as much as 5 kilos of undigested food and faecal matter trapped inside your intestinal tract? Can you imagine what this toxic waste is doing to your health?

Your colon eliminates waste from your body, so we formulated Clear Cleanse Pro specifically to help the waste elimination process and to enhance your overall feeling of good health, vitality and energy. The Clear Cleanse Pro formula uses natural herbs to help eliminate impacted waste from the colon, cleansing the colon gently while assisting in the proper absorption of vitamins and minerals.

It's NOT uncommon for people to carry as much as 14 kilos of toxic waste in their colon. In fact, some bowels, when autopsied, weighed up to 18 kilos with a diameter of 12" (30cms) with only a narrow passage through which faeces could be eliminated.

But you can STOP the cycle. Clear Cleanse Pro is a unique colon cleanser. It contains natural ingredients that help flush harmful food debris and toxins from the colon leaving it clean, disinfected, and functioning properly.

The average diet in the western world consists of ultra-high level fat content foods with high levels of preservatives. Add to that pollution from red and white meats, water, air and other environmental factors can leave your insides feeling yucky and run-down.

An average person in the western world will eat 4-6 meals/day and have a typical bowel-movement (bm) once a day. This leaves anywhere from 5-8 meals of food sitting in your system.

Have you ever considered this simple question?

Are You Clean Inside?

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Colons that contain parasites are often impacted with mucus that prevents nutrients for cells from being absorbed. As a result you tend to eat more and more in order to get enough nutrition to get through the day which, in turn, leads to more weight gain.

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